Kobold Press & Mirrorscape announce collaboration to bring Tales of the Valiant and other titles to augmented reality


LOS ANGELES, Calif. – (Nov. 15, 2023):  Extended reality (XR) game development company Mirrorscape today announced its collaboration with Kobold Press, leading publisher of tabletop roleplaying games, to bring Tales of the Valiant and other Black Flag Roleplaying titles to Mirrorscape’s augmented reality tabletop gaming platform.

The Mirrorscape platform, which is available in open beta on iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Mac has generated excitement among tabletop roleplay gamers as an immersive and authentic AR virtual tabletop that allows players to interact with game pieces, terrain, and minis exactly as they would in real life. The partnership with Kobold Press will bring its best-selling titles to Mirrorscape, allowing players and fans around the table and around the world to experience legendary quests and gaming adventures together.

“Our platform is designed to combine the tabletop gaming experience beloved by players worldwide with emerging technologies that make gaming as immersive, enjoyable and accessible as possible,” Mirrorscape COO Don Bland said. “Open gaming is our vision, and the addition of Kobold Press’s legendary set of titles and 5E compatible Black Flag Roleplaying system will further enhance the experience available on Mirrorscape, while also giving Kobold Press’s widespread and immensely loyal fanbase more ways to play.”

Over the last four years, Mirrorscape has built a platform dedicated to open, community-based experiences that support gamer creativity and homebrew campaigns. This makes a partnership with Kobold Press, especially with its Black Flag Roleplaying (BFR) system that is forever open and free to all, a major step into the future of open gaming.

“Bringing Kobold Press’s titles to Mirrorscape ensures that Tales of the Valiant continues to connect the TTRPG community while replicating the around-the-table experience in a virtual space everyone can enjoy,” Kobold Press’s Dot Steverson said. “The team at Mirrorscape has dedicated a tremendous amount of care and effort in bringing the unique creativity of Kobold Press to their platform, and we are thrilled to participate in such an exciting development in virtual tabletop gaming.”

Mirrorscape is currently in open beta on iOS, Android, Windows PC and Mac OS devices and Kobold Press titles are in development for players to explore in augmented reality. Mirrorscape is also being developed for compatibility on AR glasses and headsets, which will enable enhanced hand- and eye-tracking for gamers.

For more information, please visit www.mirrorscape.com, and download the app on iOS, Android, Windows PC or Mac.

November 17, 2023

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