Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mirrorscape free to use?
Does Mirrorscape have free terrain, minis, and maps?
How do I build maps on Mirrorscape?
How big can my maps be on Mirrorscape?
Are there pre-built maps on Mirrorscape?
Does Mirrorscape have digital dice?
Can I play remotely with Mirrorscape?
How do I find my friends on Mirrorscape?
How do I start a game with friends on Mirrorscape?
How do I share my maps and minis on Mirrorscape?
Can I connect in-App, over Zoom, on Discord, etc?
What tools are there for me as the DM?
How Do I Redeem an Offer Code?
How do I connect my Hero Forge account and get my bonus minis?
What are the command keys for the PC/Mac Version?

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