Augmented reality virtual tabletop Mirrorscape rolls onto mobile

Mirrorscape, the augmented reality virtual tabletop rival to the likes of Roll20 and D&D’s upcoming VTT, has launched into open beta on mobile.

In essence, Mirrorscape serves the same purpose as other virtual tabletops such as Roll20, allowing players to set up virtual environments for tabletop RPGs, move around miniatures and roll dice in a digital playspace.

The app’s unique hook is that it’s built around augmented reality, letting players view the digital elements layered on top of real life via their phone. The technology allows the virtual setup to be viewed from any angle, keeping track of the player’s position around the table.

As well as supporting Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Mirrorscape recently announced official support for fantasy RPG Pathfinder and its sci-fi spin-off Starfinder, which are due to come to the platform later this summer.

However, the platform is touted as being fully open-licence, allowing any RPG or homebrew content to be played. A third-party marketplace for creators to sell custom miniatures, dice, terrain and other items is planned, joining digital recreations of physical products from accessories companies including Dwarven Forge, Fat Dragon Games, Reaper Minis and Norse Foundry.

Mirrorscape co-founder Grant Anderson, who heads up a team including Critical Role guest star and celeb D&D fan Joe Manganiello as creative director, previously told Dicebreaker that the app hopes to make virtual tabletops as polished and user-friendly as Apple products like the iPhone.

“We want to make this all drop-dead easy for anyone to do,” Anderson said. “We want to be the Apple of VTTs.”

Following six months in closed beta testing, Mirrorscape’s open beta is available now on iOS and Android. As well as support for Pathfinder and Starfinder due to arrive later this summer, the app’s roadmap includes plans to add the ability to paint miniatures, utilise weather effects and offer third-party campaigns, maps and other content via its marketplace.

July 31, 2023

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