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We’re at GameHole Con

We’re at GameHole ConWe're at GameHole Con in Madison, WI Oct 20th-23rd and we've brought a few of our friends! We're demoing ARcana and people are being blown away by what we're showing! If you're in the Madison area this weekend please come by and visit us for some hands on. Seeing is believing!

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Eric McIntire demos ARcana to a rowdy bunch of pirates that have come to plunder the ARcana booth

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CEO Grant Anderson and COO Don Bland with New York Times best selling author and game designer Matt Forbeck.


Users talk about ARcana Early Access

Our Early Access release is out to 1,000 of our early Kickstarter backers and we've been receiving some amazing feedback! Here's just a sampling of what the community has had to say...

"So I showed a bunch of coworkers ARcana today, only 1 is a TTRPG player and was blown away, but even the non-players said it was friggin awesome!!! Last guy I showed it to before heading home even said he could probably get into DnD with something like this!"


"My favorite thing about ARcana is how easy it is to bring the party together. The ease of access and use through a mobile device has crushed most obstacles that keep new players at bay."


"The attention that the whole team has given to all of the backers is outstanding. The product provided is beyond my expectations, it's been a truly exceptional experience to meet new people that share the same hobbies and interests. I am richer for it."


And here's a glimpse of some of the amazing creations our community is making with ARcana Early Access. Some of which are showing up in the most unlikely places!!

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Polar Bear Build


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Drunk Wizard's Tower

@Shrike YT1300 (Arcana: jim)

Harried in Hillsfar


Axeholm 1.3



ICYMI: CEO Grant Anderson AMA

We hosted an AMA on our Discord  Wednesday, September 28th at 4pm PT. CEO, Grant Anderson, addressed your questions regarding the app, features, release date, and the early access beta.  Check it out!

A Real In-Person Gen Con!
About Mirrorscape
April 5, 2023

A Real In-Person Gen Con!

We loved our time at GenCon! Indianapolis was back live and the world's biggest tabletop gaming convention did not disappoint.
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Open Beta on July 25!
About Mirrorscape
July 20, 2023

Open Beta on July 25!

Open Beta launches July 25! This will allow anyone in your game group to join you, whether or not they backed the Kickstarter!
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Special Backer Announcement!
About Mirrorscape
April 5, 2023

Special Backer Announcement!

We are happy to announce that we'll be opening up the Early Access Beta release of ARcana to everyone who backed us on Kickstarter!
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