Play tabletop games in Augmented Reality

Bringing the table back to virtual tabletops

Scan to Download on Google Play and the Apple App Store today!
Scan to Download on Google Play and the Apple App Store today!

Bring your tabletop games to life with immersive 3D augmented reality

Or download for PC or Mac on Steam!

Free Starter Set!

Download the app today and receive this FREE starter set including dungeon and cavern terrain from Fat Dragon Games and Dwarven Forge and minis from Reaper Minis! BONUS, link your Hero Forge account in the app and receive five Digital 3D Hero Forge minis in addition to those you've already purchased!

Mirrorscape brings more magic to your tabletop campaigns with feature-rich, immersive AR

The magic of AR

With the power of augmented reality that's already on your phone or tablet, you can visualize your game exactly as you imagine it and build as big as your dreams.

Authentic Tabletop Experience

Bring your game to life on your actual tabletop with authentic maps, terrain, and minis in realistic 3D for the ultimate immersive experience.

Around the Table, Around the World

The next evolution of tabletop brings players a shared immersive experience whether they're across the table or across the world. Quickly find a game with our social matchmaking features.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

The power is right inside your pocket! Pick up last night's game in a matter of seconds no matter where you are. Play in augmented reality or virtual 3D environments.

Terrain & Minis You Know & Love

Mirrorscape brings terrain and minis that look just like the real thing from companies you know and love like Dwarven Forge, Fat Dragon Games, and Reaper Minis so you can bring your creations to life or even extend your physical terrain.
Mirrorscape uses AR to create what might be the best D&D virtual tabletop yet!
It's easy to get excited about the augmented tabletop, for how it might further revitalize tabletop gaming.
The promise of living characters and armies battling on the tables before us, across atmospheric and immersive worlds, is arguably too cool to second guess.
A polished, approachable experience for playing RPGs online that goes far beyond just Dungeons & Dragons.

Download today on the Apple App Store or Google Play!

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